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Raising money for cancer research as well as patient and family services is the core of the Cure on Wheels mission. Cure on Wheels funds will enable clinicians and scientists to pursue innovative research that has the potential to achieve the results that will warrant National Institutes of Health (NIH), or other private and government grants. In so many cases, this early support has fostered the development of some of the most important advances made in cancer research over the last two decades. Furthermore, raising money for families and individuals enduring the disease will help to improve their daily quality of life and make an immediate impact for residents of Tampa Bay.

 Cure on Wheels Fundraising Tips and Ideas

First, create a Cure on Wheels riders page by visiting our Registration Center. Once you have set up your new page, uploaded your contacts and prepare your page for fundraising! Once your new page is setup be sure to check out all the tools in your account that will help make your fundraising easy! There are a variety of auto-responders, emails and thank you messages preloaded to help streamline your communication. A few good tips and ideas are listed below. Remember, when you ask someone to donate to charity, you are giving them an opportunity to do something good for others, and, in turn, feel good about themselves. It's a win-win all around!

Start Early & Have Fun!
Write a personal letter; create a newsletter or press release; hang up pledge sheets in your office; make in-person solicitations; design a poster - Be creative! Go to the forms area on this site to view a sample letter. Feel free to use it with your own adaptations.

Do not limit your mailing list. Write down every person you know. Create a database. Include friends, old neighbors, former associates, former classmates, friends of the family, members of clubs, fraternities, sororities, leagues, committees, organizations, alumni groups, etc. You may find yourself thinking, "I don't know them very well; they aren't going to give." You don't know how cancer may have affected their lives. This may be just the opportunity for them to make a difference. If you don't give someone the opportunity, they definitely will not give.

Make Giving Easy
When writing your letters, be sure to include a link to your Cure on Wheels Rider page or provide a credit card pledge form and a self-addressed, stamped, return envelope.

Establish a personal fundraising goal, such as "high roller," and let your potential sponsors know your goal. Suggest a minimum dollar amount or put down options: $25, $50, $100 . . . Write a personal note of thanks to each sponsor. This will be particularly helpful when you ask for their support in the following year. Ask local community groups such as churches and rotary clubs to support you. Make a presentation at their next meeting and hand out pledge forms. In lieu of gifts on your birthday or other occasion, ask friends and family to make a pledge to your ride.

Corporate Matches
Remind your sponsors to check with their Human Resources Department at work to see if their company has a matching gifts program. This is a great way to double your sponsor's contribution while helping their company gain visibility as a result of their charitable efforts.

To Apply for Matching Gifts to Your Ride
Your contributors simply need to go to their human resources department and ask for a matching gift form. They will need to fill out some information and enclose it with their contribution. You will then forward it along to the Cure on Wheels office when you periodically send in your contributions. Your account will automatically be credited for the match. We will then fill out the rest of the form and return it to the company. They may have certain qualifications for making contributions. If those qualifications are met they will mail a matching gift in directly.

Some companies use an on-line match instead of a paper form. In this case, your sponsor will go on-line to their company's website and submit a request for the match. They should then print out the receipt and send it to you along with the donation. If you are sending in a matching gift form for either a check you already sent in or for an eGift, simply include a note that lets us know.

Your Company
Ask your company to support you. Talk to your boss or human resources director. Once you get the boss on board your co-workers will follow. Ask your company for a large corporate contribution or to match everything you raise. Will they sponsor a fundraising event? Will they publicize your ride in the company newsletter? If there are four other riders from work will they sponsor a corporate team?

Be Visible
Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress. Put up a map of the route and auction off miles. Make a poster with a picture of you on your bike and attach pledge forms to it and post it on your door. Be creative.

Spread the Word
Use e-mail or inter-office memos (get permission). Ask if you can make a presentation during a staff meeting.

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

Your tax deductible donation is great encouragement to the riders who are making a commitment in time & physical effort for cancer research and family support services. Their effort & your dollars benefit everyone!


We welcome you to join Cure on Wheels in a variety of volunteer positions. Find out how you, your family, your friends & your coworkers can get involved! It only takes a little time to do a lot of good.


Keep up with all the latest and greatest information about the 2013 Cure on Wheels Bike Challenge! From ride options, location, start times, sponsors, lodging, individual & team registration - we have it all!

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